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GeodesignWiki.com ... is a volunteer supported wiki developed by an ever-expanding group of planning and design professionals interested in the subject of geodesign.

The purpose of this website is to provide a collaborative framework to support a global conversation about geodesign. The organizational structure of this website is meant to facilitate this conversation by ...

  1. providing a semantic framework for discussion (the segments and their respective sections),   
  2. the content associated with each segment (intended to be more catalytic than conclusive), and
  3. the various collaboration tools for commenting, discussing, and for the creation of new content.

The site supports the following features:

  • wiki, used to host content associated with the subject of geodesign
  • user authored articles on any topic related to geodesign
  • user managed blogs, for those interested in maintaining an on-going presentation of experiences and resources pertinent to geodesign
  • discussion forums where visitors can initiate and follow threaded discussions.


We invite you to Join Us

Users with the appropriate permissions may comment on any of the wiki postings, write and post articles, participate in the discussion forums, create blogs, and author content for the wiki.

There are five types of users:

  • Anonymous Visitors can view content, read comments attached to pages, articles and blogs and use the search tool to find content. They can also view postings in the discussion forums.
  • Registered Visitors can also leave comments on pages, articles and blogs and post content to discussion forums.
  • Contributors can also write articles, and host blogs.
  • Authors can also create chapter content hosted by the wiki
  • Section Editors can also manage an entire segment in the wiki

Additionally, there are two administrative levels:

  • Forum Moderators are responsible for managing the discussion forums
  • System Administrators are responsible for general site administration

Individuals interested in becoming either a Registered Visitor or Contributor may do so by sending an email to one of our site Administrators:

The email should include the applicant's name, affiliation, email address, and a brief statement describing their interest in geodesign.

Please allow up to five days for validation of the applicant's request.