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Digital Landscape Seminar - China, by Jinwu Ma, May 12, 2017

How time flies and it’s already over three months since we convened at the Geodesign Summit in Redlands in the end of January.

If you recall, Shannon, our geodesign summit manager, announced that there’d be a digital landscape architecture conference to be held on Oct 14-15, 2017, at Southeast University in Nanjing, China, and he’d called for your participations.

Well, after some post-summit preparations with the conference host Professor Cheng and esri geodesign staffs, I’d like to formally call for papers for you to present at the conference, whose formal name is 3rd International Digital Landscape Seminar and Digital Landscape Week.

Please submit your full paper to me by May 31, 2017.  I know it’ll be a bit tight since we have only three weeks left; therefore, we’d decided to skip abstract submission stage that normally precedes full paper submission, just to save time.  What’s helpful is that, considering the cost of international travel, esri will help you by reimbursing you $1000 for the trip, assuming your paper has been selected.

My colleagues and I formed a paper screening committee to help select papers for a 20-minute presentation at the Geodesign Track at the conference.  We plan to select five sponsored entries and the only criteria are: 1) esri’s ArcGIS must be used and stressed, and 2) it must be planning and/or design practice oriented, rather than academic research oriented.

The selected papers will be included in the conference proceedings.  We welcome more people to attend, to present or not, but only five presenters will get compensated by esri.  This is also due to time limit at the conference.  If you have more questions please let me know.

You can reach me via email at jma at esri.com

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