Geodesign Articles

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The following is a selected list of articles that have appeared in non-academic publications about geodesign, its concepts, processes, technology, tools and applications:

Amoroso, Nadia, "Geodesign the Solution for a Complex World", Fresh Trends, Landscape Architecture Network, July 8, 2015. Content available at Fresh Trends.

Artz, Matt, "FIve Ways Geodesign is Making the World a Better Place", Published on LinkedIn, July 14, 2015. Content available at LinkedIn.

Artz, Matt, "Geodesign: A Bibliography", GIS and Science, August 13, 2009. Content available at GIS and Science.

Artz, Matt, "Geodesign: Changing Geography by Design", Directions Magazine, 2010. Content available at Directions Magazine.

Artz, Matt, "The Geoscape: A New Canvas for Understanding", Esri Insider, July 30, 2012. Content available at Esri Insider.

Dangermond, Jack, "GIS: Designing Our Future", ArcNews, Esri, Summer 2009. Content available at ArcNews Online.

Esri Staff, "Listening to the Land, The Role of GIS in Protecting the Intrinsic Landscape", ArcNews, Esri, Winter 2005. Content available at ArcNews Online.

Foster, Kelleann, "Geodesign Education Takes Flight", ArcNews, Esri, Fall 2013. Content available at ArcNews.

Jensen, Meika, "What is Geodesign?", GIS Lounge, September 30, 2011. Content available at GIS Lounge.

Miller, Bill, "Geo-Based Design: Position Statement", NCGIA Specialist Meeting on Spatial Concepts in GIS and Design, December 15, 2008. Content available at NCGIA.