Geodesign Books

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The following is a selected list of print books about geodesign, its concepts, processes, technology, tools and applications:

Allen, David, Getting to Know ArcGIS: ModelBuilder, Esri Press, 2011. Available at Amazon.

van der Hoeven, Frank; Nijhuis, Steffen; Zlatanova, Sisi; Dias, Eduardo; and van der Spek, Stefan, Geo-Design: Advances in bridging geo-information technology, urban planning and landscape architecture, BK Books, 2017. Available at Amazon.

Jones, Grant, Jones and Jones ILARIS: The Puget Sound Plan, Source Books in Landscape Architecture, Princeton Architectural Press, 2007. Available at Amazon.

Lee, Danbi; Dias, Eduardo; Scholten, Hank J., Editors, Geodesign by Integrating Design and Geospatial Sciences, Springer International Publishing, 2014. Available at Google Books,

McElvaney, Shannon, Geodesign: Case Studies in Regional and Urban Planning, Esri Press, 2012. Available at Amazon.

Steinitz, Carl, A Framework for Geodesign: Changing Geography by Design, Esri Press, 2012. Available at Amazon.

Zwick, Paul; Patten, Iris; Arafat, Abdulnasser, Advanced Land-Use Analysis for Regional Geodesign: Using LUCISplus, Esri Press, 2015. Available at Amazon.